Sunday, September 30, 2012

bb dragged away in handcuffs?

Ah, apparently not.

This feather, that I collected (from the ground by my gym)
for the amusement of my (indoor) kitties, is not, I repeat,


A kind facebook reader of my babblings had gently pointed out that
by collecting said feather I was breaking the law which,
oh-so-conveniently, I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about. 

Despite being a biologist. Yeah. A professional. Paid to know these things. Oops.

See, we're not allowed to have parts of any birds or their nests, etc.,
if they're protected by the MBTA. You, me, et al.
And most birds you'll see are on that list.

However, just figured out that this feather (and the others like it)
comes from a TURKEY!

You can see those feathers when the males drag their wings
in full display-to-the-ladies mode.

amazing photo by Yathin S Krishnappa

And turkeys are a) not native to this part of the U.S. and b) not migratory.

Though heaven knows I'd love to see them try.

So I did not break the law.
By total chance.

Which is fortunate, 'cause since then I forgot again,
and collected another big fatty from my neighborhood for the kitties.

So, I solemnly swear I'll be more aware of environmental laws in future,
and not allow my love for amused kitties to blind me.




  1. Ah, yes, the siren call of collecting that overcomes even the most (we like to hope) ecologically aware/concerned among us!

    A few years back, I had to be told by a native-west-coast friend that I wasn't supposed to collect oyster shells, seeing as they serve as recruitment sites for new little oysters. To my chagrin, I had been depriving oyster juveniles of their habitat left and right...

    Glad you discovered that you were not a lawbreaker destined to spend your life on the run. And thanks for the image of turkeys migrating; I actually had a vision of a bunch of them showing up in the airport security line, ready to board a plane for warmer climes. (Imagine the noise if somebody tried to wand them!)

  2. Close call! Hey I keep forgetting to ask- do you work at Yosemite or just live near there? One of my friends from college is a park ranger there now.

    1. I worked there for 2 stints, leaving in 2006. Husband still there. What division does your friend work in? You can email your reply to me at biobabbler at g mail dot com, eh? =) bb


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