Saturday, September 29, 2012

wallpaper du jour

Thinking about changing my computer's wallpaper more frequently,
and posting the images I use, if they're ones I shot.
Just for fun.

The above beauties are from fall, 2010,
on a hike to Illilouette Fall
in Yosemite National Park.

Great hike, amazing views pretty much the whole time,
and saw lotsa thirsty birds, drinking from mountain side streams.
And, obv., the snags I adore.

I highly recommend it.


p.s. Really curious, do you "manage" your computer wallpaper? If so, do you use your work? Other people's? Both? Or, do you just leave it with the image the computer came with?


  1. cool. i like taking pic's looking straight up trees like that. and i love skeleton trees!!!

  2. I use my own stuff and swap it out occasionally as the mood strikes...

  3. I like to post my photos from recent trips or adventures as wallpaper on my work computer monitor or on my laptop at home. And on my Facebook header and sometimes printed out as bookmarks. It's a great way to redip into the experience and to reflect on them more. I occasionally use someone else's photos (with permission) but because I was not there, they don't have the same depth to me.

  4. I mostly use my own pictures, and change them every so often for no particular reason. I'm getting a lot of wallpaper mileage out of my trip to Japan.


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