Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feeling sore? Yosemite-ice it. You'll feel better.

Teetered carefully around Yosemite Valley, today.

Cold & icy, but lovely, of course.
Upper Yosemite Fall 

Stunning, clear day, today.
For some reason, many tiny dogs in coats
accompanied the brave visitors.

Half Dome & friends

However, if you cannot walk out upon the ice,
here's the parking lot view.
Could be worse.

I'd have more, but my photography assistant
has been sorely lacking in the
clean-these-freakin'-lenses department,
so I have many a spot to magically erase...

At some point...

In the meantime,
Happy Winter to all you Northern Hemi's
& Happy Summer to all you Southern Hemi's!



  1. Stunning landscape, whatever the lens state.

    If it's not too unfair a question, when's the best time of year to visit Yosemite? Apart from "Anytime!" :o)

  2. wow!! beautiful!! (NOT a safe place to slip on the ice) sure is magical!!

    i've been cross country a couple of times...NY to CA and then CA to FL...but have not been to Yosemite!! it's on my list of places to visit when i can retire and hit the road...forever more!! =)

  3. Beautiful Photos of a truly beautiful place!


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