Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Lenses!


Bear bought me a 70-300 mm lens AND 
a macro lens (don't even know which #s to tell you to make that meaningful)
so I expect LOTS of super fun new shots in this new year.

What I learned from the above gotta-try-it-now-tho-its-getting-dark photo
is that friendly chickens are WAY too close for telephoto shots.

But, she's pretty eh?

Distant wildlife will be closer.
Tiny bugs will be bigger.

And I'll be studying up on mushrooms
so I expect you'll learn more about them, too.


Happy 2013 everyone!
I hope you are all well,
and looking forward to a year
filled with natural wonders and inspiration.



  1. Awesome! I got two mushroom guides myself so hopefully I can join in that macro/distant/shroomy fun.

    1. Oh, sweet!! That'd be super fun. It's a date! =)

      Learning mushrooms also means I'll have to improve my tree ID skills as certain mushrooms prefer certain tree hosts, etc.

      I'm looking forward to the fungal fracas.

  2. love the texture of the feathers.

  3. wow...i am so excited for you...(and a bit jealous too!) ha!

    i CAN'T WAIT TO SEE all the MACRO's.
    i love the macro shots...one day i hope to get a camera with interchangeable lenses!!

    1. Wow, how do you get such amazing photographs w/such a simple camera? Apparently, you are a TALENT! =)

      'Course it's winter, so it may be a while before I'm presented w/bugs to photograph, but I suppose I could start w/lichens and mushrooms... xo


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