Tuesday, December 18, 2012

location, location, location: seaside bird condo

If you are a biologist, and you look up a cliff side and see this?
You're psyched.

Whitewash Falls

Whitewash = birds.
(& I didn't know that whitewash was
specifically a TYPE of bird poop,
common to seabirds. Learned that here. =) )

Whitewash Creek

To a biologist, this is exciting.

Look at all those lovely crevices and perches!
And this all overlooks the ocean,
so no wonder these birds love it here.

The water was such a lovely color, that day.
The sound I heard while taking the cliff photos
was a pair of Peregrine falcons zooming around. Awesome.

Apparently, their existence here was not a news flash:

(p.s. how does one enter a rock?)

And I just have to show the lovely coastal sage scrub on the
vegetated parts of Morro Rock (in San Luis Obispo county).

 *sigh* Love that stuff...
my fuzzy, tough little friends. =)

Anyhow, yet another example of wildlife "sign"
that means something cool is afoot.
Or, way, way over your feet. =)



  1. Oh, weren't the cool old dudes with their scopes there? They are very organized, especially during the nesting season, and very friendly and helpful. They told me what the two different nesting pairs had been doing the last few days, pointed out where mom was fighting with a raven, and pointed their scopes to each one of the juvies who were old enough to be staking out different rocks in June. They have a website that posts recent happenings but I can't remember what it is right now. Old dudes in love with peregrine mammas, so sweet.

    1. =) Well, it was the day after Thanksgiving, so I expect there wasn't a lot of action in the parenting department, but now that I know, I'll have to keep an eye out, next time. They sound fabulous. =) Thanks for the tip! xo

  2. wow!! very cool!
    ~~i see faces in them there rock cliffs!!!!~~ =)


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