Thursday, December 13, 2012

quiz answer: what's up, buck?

In short, this is the answer to the quiz re: what the above creature has on his mind is

As many of you guessed, this buck was lookin' for love.

The doe seemed mostly to be interested in this:


The buck also spent time standing very still, not looking at the doe.
Among the other things he'd detect are rivals (far right is another buck).

"Hey, wait a minute..."


"Oh, hell, no."

"And stay out!"
(pardon reflectiness--windows & sun...)

Que macho hombre, no?

=) Vanquished.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who was correct!
And thanks, as ever, to EVERYONE who submitted a guess--
y'all are brave, smart, funny, and creative.  Nice!

And thanks to Sue for the detailed info re: such behavior.
Gotta love a "guess" where the questioner learns from the questioned. =)

Caveat: I must admit, it is possible that

a) someone was (per Hugh) holding chocolate chip cookies offstage
to get the buck to hold his original pose, and 
b) I actually really hope that he was attempting to plank,
as Sue posited. It could be the new sexy.

Come to think of it, maybe this is where PEOPLE got the idea.
Planking = Sexy.

Who knows?



  1. Ha! Love it ;) His reaction in the last photo is classic. It's a deer frenzy! I like the lady with those fallen leaves (can't tell what kind they are?). ohhh thanks so much for doin' the Etsy thing - much appreciated :)
    And glad to hear I'm not the only one who has body temperature issues, ha!

  2. Notice the wet coming out of his eye. Is that the same must that elephants get when they are, er, in a romantic mood?

  3. Those look like Catalpa leaves, or maybe fruitless mulberries?


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