Tuesday, January 22, 2013

easy birding photo quiz + when your friends are silly...

Easy if you've ever encountered this creature before.
First time I did I almost passed out. STUNNING creature.
Not stunning shots, but good enough for ID.

bird one:

bird two:
Yes, those eyes are red.

Same spp., natch, diff. sexes.
Birds were at Joshua Tree NP this January.
Please fling guesses of all sorts in comments.

And THIS is what my peeps do when I ask them to point to where
we'll be hiking (mostly off trail) so y'all can see, too.
The ridge we'd be walking toward & around was AHEAD.



Lord, but I love those people.



  1. Ohhh. You lucky! I know it but won't say it :) You diggin' the new lens??

    1. =) Of course you know. =) Yes, they're SO HANDSOME! Swoon-tastic.

      Yes, the new lens is like being BIONIC. But w/o all that painful surgery. LOVE IT!

      I still have that monopod (you know, YOUR monopod) on my wish list. Gettin' greedy!

  2. No birding quiz is easy when you live on the other side of the Rockies from the bird...

    1. Oh, yes, agreed. Hence my qualification of "if you've ever seen it." I saw it once and asked, in something of a tizzy, a friend what it was, and forever remembered it. 'Cause it was 100% unexpected (for me, now knowing birds of the area), and landed pretty darn near me. =) If it hadn't been for all the cacti, I might have swooned. =)

  3. I know but won't say so I don't ruin anyone else's fun! They are gorgeous birds.

  4. A bit easier to ID for me (they live in my backyard), but correctly spelling their name, another story. Love these birds. You will find them in mistletoe invested mesquite, since they happily consume the berries.


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