Sunday, January 13, 2013

Icy photo quiz (w/happy chicken decor)

How in the world did this happen?

 The water dish, this a.m.

Fanny is also a little freaked out by it.
Peck. Peck. Peck-peck.

What is UP w/the freaky ice formations?
There's only water in there, nothing triangular
lying below the glare, pushing the water into odd shapes.

Please enter your explanations/guesses in the comments below.

As per, feel free to fling wild guesses,
including those unconstrained by the laws of physics.

=) xobb


  1. We had something like that in our birdbath a few years ago

    It is obviously avian related.

  2. Well, water gets denser just before it freezes and then expands as it freezes, so maybe the water on top froze and as the water below it then expanded and froze it had no where to go but up? Still doesn't explain the knob thing at the left.

  3. sure it does, the rigid structure of the buket prompts the expanding freezing water to move upwards

    same as when you get those litle knobs in the ice cube tray cubes. This is an ice cube knob.

  4. wind? chicken art? I found ice floes on one of the ponds at the Dipper Ranch today and but not on others. I guessed it because the iced pond is shallower. Now, does that mean the newts left the shallow cold pond? I didn't see any newts coming to the surface to breath there. And then I saw mosquito larvae wiggling in an outside tub (cattle trough) that had a 1/4" sheet of ice on it. What's up with that? Us Californians, we just don't really know much about freezing weather.

  5. I have no idea, but I bet the chooks are behind it. Devious birds, they are.

  6. I'm guessing that the bump on the left had some dripping source. Or maybe it's even a fallen icicle that broke and pushed up the surface. That's all I've got.

  7. along with the great explanations above with the expanding water as it freezes, I add my guess that after the surface iced over, a thirsty chicken poked a hole in the ice, therby providing an expansion geyser for the expanding water to escape and freeze....


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