Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thurthday thnow thparkles--tho pretty!

imperfect re: focus, dark, spots, etc. 
but it's all about the PRETTY, SPARKLY SNOW COLORS!!

Love it.

D'you have any colorful snow/ice sparkly shots?
If so, feel free to put a link to them in the comments.



  1. you are THO FUNNY!!!!

    gorgeous thnow...all glittery and thuch...
    i with we had thome of that here!!


  2. =) Thankth! Tho are you! =)

    Yeth, it wath quite thpecktacular. Itth almotht all melted now, tho. And there'th no thnow in the forecatht, tho I gueth that'th all we'll get for now. xo


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