Monday, February 11, 2013

nice buns! gorgeous bobcat strolls past

I am such a nerd, I tweeted this photo
to Jillian Michaels and her podcast producer, Janice Ungaro,
saying this is our version of Killer Buns and Thighs (a J.M. workout DVD).

I still cannot resist a good pun. I even punned in the title of my thesis.
Can you IMAGINE having buns THIS CUTE?!? 

I want to honk that tail!

Fading into the brush... 

Briefly re-emerges...
Eyespots tell us he's still looking for somethin'...

Our last peek at the ever-alert-to-opportunity bobcat.

When I went out to see if I could spot it again,
I spooked a black-tailed jackrabbit from that same bank of shrubs.
Lucky rabbit, feet and all.

And lucky us, to see this fabulous creature,
buns and all.



  1. Niiice! What a cutie. I see them sometimes but not often enough! I got a couple pics at Big Bend in 2010 and I saw babies running across a fallen tree across the creek when I was standing there taking water samples. SO COOL! I like your friend (and the Jillian Michaels thing - i want her to be my friend and yell at me -seriously). I haven't had a lot of coffee and I'm pretty sure I'm not forming coherent sentences right now, apologies.

    1. That sounds amazing (baby bobcats scampering across a creek-log). SWEET!! Your sentences are lovely. Yes, one thing I love about JM is straight up honesty. Honesty, honesty, honesty. And she's pretty much a nerd re: needing to figure stuff out, reading medical journals, etc. Data = good.

  2. Wow, what cute buns! I'd love an opportunity to photograph Bobcats, they are such striking animals

    1. =) They are. I frequently forget, until I see them, about the fabulous rufous colors in the native animals here. Bobcats, rabbits, foxes, they all tend to have rusty colors here and there. So cool.

      I'd love to SEE any shots you ever got of a bobcat. =) It's probably very helpful to have chickens...


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