Thursday, February 14, 2013

steller's jay wow; to list, or not to list -- do tell

Steller's Jay, handsoming.

Can you imagine being that gorgeous all the time?!?
Much less first thing in the morning. Woah.

Here, you can barely see the gorgeous & totally unnecessary glowing-blue eyebrow.
An embarrassment of riches.

Am considering tracking (and posting, natch) all the bird species
I photograph this year, since I have a telephoto lens, now.
Maybe birds & mammals. hm...

FYI, Birdchick is doing a digiscoping Big Half Year
as a fund raiser (track her progress on flickr--awesome shots!).

However, I'm so not a lister. Super easily bored. Tedium terrifies.

Maybe I could post a shot now and then, label it,
then count them all up at the end of the year.

Yeah, I can probably do that.

To list, or not to list:
are YOU a lister of any sort?
If you are not, do you feel you should be?
Please share.

I have list-less guilt.

But, I'll get over it. Probably.



  1. Stunning!

    For my own sake, i hope you'll post, whether you list or not, so we can see more lovely photos.

    I am I highly sporadic list-er. I've never kept a birding list (though every year I think, "I should do that!", and I even have a nice notebook for the task given to me by my mother-in-law), and it's only on rare occasions, like trips where one of the express purposes is to see birds, that I try to write down all the species I've seen. My own feeling is that, so long as I do something--photos, writing, actual in-brain memory (ha)--to remind me of the best experiences, who cares how many red-tailed hawks I've seen this year?

  2. Oi. Listing. Not my thing, but I do keep track of what I've seen (just a check in the book, and sometimes where I saw it). We keep a list of our yard birds, and birds seen at the ranch during the field season. But I don't get more crazy than that. Or on trips..But I never really enter it anywhere and usually I lose the lists, haha. My ex was a crazy-man-listaholic. I don't get daily lists, or county lists, or honestly, even state lists. It gets insane. I like e-bird for a lot of reasons but oh yeah, I don't keep track. Said ex used to do that for me and I was all fancy in the top ten for a while because of it, but now I only put stuff in if it's rare or the first bird of the season, etc . No way in hell I've got the attention span to be a twisted lister!

    And yeaaah! Steller's are sweet!

  3. Ha when I read that heading I thought - they are considering listing the steller's jay? wow, it's pretty ubiquitous up here in the Northwest, is it rare in Cali? But then you're talking about another kind of list!!

  4. Stellar's Jays are face melting birds!

    I don't list, I just photograph.

  5. Listing makes you bird more, plain and simple. Its not a bad thing UNLESS you are driving from Arcata to Brawley because you could get your first Imperial County Chestnut-backed Chickadee. There are plenty of people like that, but most of us know thats silly.

    1. Oh, I comPLETEly believe that, a source of motivation to get your buns outside & looking. I bet it's genius for that.


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