Wednesday, February 6, 2013

pretending it's spring

Read a blog post recently that recommended growing things indoors,
from kitchen scraps, just to brighten things up while we wait for spring.

So, I planted a few cloves of garlic.

And today, saw THIS!!!

Woo-hoo! So, my 1st garlic plant is coming up.
 It worked: I'm now stoked.

So, I highly recommend it.
Even if you never end up eating anything that you grow.
Tho' I bet you'll eat some of it.




  1. What a great idea.

    I saw some hyacinth bulbs being grown bare root, in water like Paperwhites. Got me hankering for some Spring, but the bulbs are no where to be found right now, so I will have to wait.

    But the garlic is a fun idea.

  2. Ooooh!

    That is quite exciting.

    I've been wanting my very own kumquat tree for some time now, and I've got some fruit--and, therefore, incipient seeds--at home, so maybe...


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