Wednesday, February 20, 2013

snow art emergency

I can't not post these, even though I want more photo quiz guesses (see last post).

But, it SNOWED last night. And I want to share these NOW:

 snow + asphalt = art

bunny + tire tracks

Love does not require understanding.

Closer view of bunny tracks.

Adorable, teensy rat (Neotoma) or mouse (Peromyscus) footprints.

 Manzanita look SO GOOD in snow. *phew!*

Dead manzanita branch + snow + sky = happiness

This stump looks dapper w/its snow hat. & I like the fungus.




  1. Replies
    1. It was quite delightful. I heart snow, big time.

  2. These are wonderful! Especially the snow on asphalt ones. And the last one; now I'm homesick for the north again.

    1. =) I felt a little odd photographing asphalt, but it was SO COOL, I couldn't not. Marching down the road, staring at the ground. =) We nature noodles are used to looking different than the rest, eh? =)

  3. I'm experiencing almost crippling snow envy now.

    1. =( That is super sad, considering where you live! We don't get much, so when we do, I feel compelled (however sleepy I am and cold the air is) to GET OUT. My husband said, while we marched to where he couldn't drive any further the previous night, "hear how the snow is squeaking?" "Yeah. Does that mean it's cold?" "Yes." He knows he has to point these things out to a former San Diego girl. It was delightful.

      I wish you SNOW!!

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