Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birdy photo quiz: 2 pretty easy, 1 goofy

In the spirit of "listing" wildlife I've seen this year, a quiz
from the photos I took at Merced NWR (California) last month:

Bird #1: who am I?

Bird #2 (browsing among rabbit poops): what's my name? 

Camera shy bird (#3). Name that snorkeler.

I will hold back correct guesses for a bit,
so folks can take a fresh crack at it,
BUT, whether you have SOME idea,
TOTALLY know, or have NO clue,
please fling a guess.

'Smore fun that way.

And the reward is the GLORY of being a DARING human being,
grabbing life by the scruff, and gettin' it done!

Good luck!!



  1. Golden-crowned Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, and... American Avocet?

  2. #1 Prunella mohicaflavis

    #2 Passer nimiumeyeliner

    #3 Himantopus amissacontactuslens

  3. Yellow crowned sparrow and field sparrow? (guess by Millie Moose)


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