Saturday, April 20, 2013

More shots from Big Bend & Am. SW...

Quick quiz: If this was a wren,
what kind of wren might it be??
Yup. Cactus wren! =)

Fun w/photography at night in a moving vehicle.
Now that I've lightened it up, I now see the video store is "ADULTS ONLY."
Classy. However, the moon was GLORIOUS.

At the Rio Grande in Big Bend NP.
Assuming this is cliff swallow housing.

Why minimalists love the desert:

I assume this is some kinda desert mallow.
It was adjacent to the ol' Rio Grande in Big Bend NP.

Beautiful tree at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. 

 Shot I took when it was nigh onto night.
Long exposure, rental car holding camera.
But I'm super glad I took these shots,
'cause it was the only time I got to see this super interesting area. 

"Yeah, yeah, I'm gorgeous. I know.
Got anything I can kill?"
 Harris's Hawk.

Gila woodpecker totally ignoring me.
 And looking SO BEAUTIFUL!

 White-winged dove.
 Dig the cheek/neck sheen.

Female cardinal looking SO coy and adorable.

The flirtiest band-tailed pigeon I've ever encountered.

Tippy top of a boojum tree (Fouquieria columnaris), or cirio.

This was all late Feb, early March.
Especially for you folks still in snow,
hope the virtual sunshine helped. =)



  1. Oh--SUNNY SKIES. I have literally forgotten what that is! We are STILL getting snow. Yesterday's high was 34. O. M. G. And this was the first year I didn't go to AZ for March....thought I'd "tough it out". I'm half nuts from lack of sun!! 'Nuf whining!
    Love the woodpecker ignoring you--that made me laugh. Not that he was ignoring know what I mean.
    End of novel-lol!

    1. I can't believe how LONG your winter is this year, yikes! And I'm super sorry re: lack of March escape. I remember my 1st winter in Ann Arbor, Michigan (having moved there from San Diego, of course)--by March, when people I was waiting on (waitress & university research assistant) were freshly orange-brown from their Florida vacation, I'd be inwardly SEETHING with envy. =)

      You poor girlie. Best of luck!

      I have quite a few shots of animals presenting their backsides to me, but the gila woodpecker is one of the move fabulous behinds I've seen. =)

    2. LOL!!!-does this make us odd---liking rear ends of birds? I'm always on the look-out for duck butts. Yep. Strange. At least YOU had the smarts and the guts to go for the career that makes it ok to do that.
      Thanks for the laughs. And they say scientific types are dull. Hah!


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