Sunday, April 7, 2013

mushroom hike: success!

We were SO LUCKY re: rain in the 1.5 weeks before the hike.
I was a little stressed we'd not find much. I was wrong.

The guy who instigated this had a nightmare the night before,
where he and I were hiking around, trying to find mushrooms,
and finding none.

Yes, if you are running it, even if it's casual & for free,
a stroll through the woods can be stressful. =)

Turns out it was awesome,
amazing group of people,
they found SO much cool stuff,
and everyone had a great time.


More photos later. I just wanted to share the booty. =)
Now I have to go lie down and rub my temples.



  1. Oh my giddy aunt, that is some haul!
    Big respect.

    1. I love that phrase--I bet my aunts will like it, too. Just about all the mushrooms were found by other people (an informal group, it was), but on their behalf, I'll take a proud bow.

  2. Dang!!! The haul is almost as impressive as the photo- I love the way it looks...


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