Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tumbling photos, field work hazards, & rain saves my butt

My guess: Edith's checkerspot (Euphydryas editha)
on yerba santa (Eriodictyon californicum).

1. Am doling out more photos from the (fairly glorious)
CNPS hike along the Merced River,
including wildflowers, butterflies, etc.,
on Tumblr (click on that!) 'cause it's faster. For now.

Hope that's alright. xoxoxo

2. Hazards of field work, part 12
Found a good site for Saturday's mushroom hike: hooray!
Unfortunately, also found poison oak on my body.

I knew I'd gone through a patch 2 days ago,
during an exploratory hike of a potential site,
so washed my clothes with Tecnu.

Forgot to wash MYSELF with Tecnu.


3. The recent RAIN we got saved my hiney!
Until about 10 days ago, we had almost NO mushrooms visible anywhere.

Cruised through a potential hike in the Sierra NF yesterday,
and saw over 6 species.

Some kinda TINY, beautiful, BRIGHT mushroom.
No clue, re: ID. In the Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake District.

Thus, I am saved.
From a mushroom-free mushroom hike.
And mushroom-free mushroom-seekers.
Who would need someone to blame.
And pelt with pinecones.

Thank you to the rain + warmth that --> MUSHROOMS!

And thank you, in advance, to the Sierra National Forest
for having handy, fruitful, and free forests for us to roam.
I'll think of you if/when I write a check to the IRS this year.


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