Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's been bugging me...

1. Been busy as an I-don't-have-time-to-ID-it bumblebee, lately (working)...

2. And finally got started on my garden last night...

3. So, now I have to change the daytime chicken situation
(totally neglected garden = Chickens-running-wild-but-safe Zone until now),

4. And BEFORE we leave Fri for a music festival (hello, camping-PACKING!!),

5. I have more plants to put into the ground,

6. & must try & establish an automatic watering system,

7. plus MUST run required super-overdue errands

8. so I'm just gonna post these rando things for you now,

"Where's that nectar lever?"
(stunning legs & antennae, eh? yet another bug I don't have time to ID, I assume it's a checkerspot of some sort)

9. but, if you get bored & want bits of biobabblings,
I DO tweet most days (except this weekend),
peruse Pinterest frequently (pretty pictures please me),
tend to tumbl photos when strapped for time,
or facebook fling bonus photos or fascinating bio-fables.

(p.s. check out that GORGEOUS abdomen!)

10. LOVE you all LOTS,
and hope your spring is springing in a sprightly way.

Or, if you're a so-hemi* person,
I hope your fall is falling fabulously.

Please feel free to share what you're busy with right now. =)
I know I'm not the only swamped person.

I know it.

In the meantime, remember to drink plenty of water,
get good sleep, and stretch out that bod, once in a while. =)


*so-hemi = southern hemisphere, naturally. =)


  1. 1. Daytime Chicken Situation would be a great band or album name.

    2. What I've been busy with: trying to convince my dog that guests are welcome friends and not terrifying invaders who must be barked at when they arrive and if/when they do something suspicious like use our bathroom; packing for our own trip to Delaware to see the horseshoe crabs spawn (only two more days!); trying to help convey information about science and its value; wondering why the 17-year cicadas supposedly emerging around here don't like my neighborhood.

    Have a great time at the music festival!

  2. 1. That is GENIUS! =) Love it.

    2. Wow, good luck with all of that! =) Sounds like a fabulous field trip. Sorry to hear about the cicadas. Been totally jealous of you easterners re: that, but apparently the joy is not evenly distributed.

    3. Thanks! =)

  3. yeah ... exactly! fiddling at a dance in South Dakota next weekend (camping, packing) and have to plant peas, set up irrigation -- glad I'm not the only chronically overly ambitious geek in the world

    1. Of course you're not. Heaven forbid! =)

  4. In addition to trying to finish off my next novel (as in writing it, not reading one), three jobs--one of which has a new boss soon to be chosen, a high school senior graduating in a week and college on the horizon, and started another novel jointly written with 3 friends.

    Yes, we're all abuzz, aren't we?!

    1. Good for you (3 jobs?!?), and NICE PUN. =)

  5. Replies
    1. =) So do I. And major bonus is the luring-interesting-bugs factor.


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