Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quiz answer plus power petal & bug hits for your soul...

Photo by Kropsoq

This is an ootheca.
Per Merriam-Webster, "a firm-walled and distinctive egg case (as of a cockroach)."
In this instance (above & my instance which inspired said quiz),
it's a mantid or mantis egg case.

Every time I'd see one in our yard,
"ootheca" would pop to mind,
tho' I really wasn't sure that's what it was.

Apparently, my brain is smarter than I am. =)

Speaking of smart:
Sara NAILED it, exactly--woo-hoo!! We bow to your brain.
Imperfect and Tense and Jen were totally on the right eggy track,
Sue's guess was delightful (& seasonally appropriate),
and Cindy's guess (a rock with round things popping out of it)
was EERILY close (rock-hard egg case). =)

Thank you to ALL quiz participants: YOU ROCK!!

Flowers 'n' bugs: obsessed

Delightful hits of color, pattern, and bugs
I've been indulging in via our irises & their fans.

 (how cute is that little buggy shadow?)

teeny weeny invertebrates

 crab spider (I'm pretty sure) eating said teeny weeny invertebrates

 *munch munch*

Can you see how, if one is hyper visual,
a color & pattern freak, and a giant fan of bugs,
these irises and their complement are a special kind of heaven?

Oh, and they smell amazing.

Can't stop; won't stop.

Sunday I ordered seven more irises.
I can pick them up in 5 months.
Then plant & wait another 6 months to see them bloom.

This is my new obsession.
I already know 7 more I want to order next year.

I think I'm going to have to start earning more money to support my habit.
Is it just me? Anyone else similarly obsessed by something?



  1. Thanks for the complement; I knew it because I have a mantis ootheca in my yard that I've been checking daily, as I want to take pics of baby mantids when they finally emerge. My aunt the naturalist taught me.

    I love your iris bugs. The crab spiders and the cucumber beetle I knew, but that other beetle is lovely, and I'm dying to know what your microscopic guys are.

    I saw an iris the other day that was pure lemon yellow except for a sky blue beard. My current favorite.

  2. Much respect to your aunt! And lucky you. =)

    Oooh, cucumber beetle, MOST excellent ID--thanks! I'm also v. curious about the super tiny guys. There's a million of them. I'll have to investigate when I'm less busy.

    That iris sounds amazing. We had them when I was a kid, so I think they're DEEP in my brain. Addicted!

  3. Just so gorgeous! I love the crinkly/gauzy folds and ripples of the iris petals--and those colors! You could get drunk on those colors...
    I am all in favor of your multi-year increasing-iris plan. Especially if you continue to share photos of them.

  4. And let's not forget that iris are coming out BIG TIME in the reblooming type. Yet another category to love!
    My new found love is Lavender. I want to explore the many varieties further--not just the common run-of-the-mill types at every nursery. I'm trying to find seeds from as many types as possible. And that is just the start of my many obsessions. A bottomless purse would be amazing-LOL!

    1. I just heard about the reblooming type, but have no idea if any I ordered (or already have here) are that sort. I bought my first lavender plant, still need to stick that puppy into the ground. Your lavender interest sounds like a really fun quest. =) I wonder what they all look like?


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