Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random biology vocab quiz! =)

My brain heaved this word up, with the usual implied threat:
Define this NOW, or we're chuckin' it OUT.

But, first, The Biobabbler Way re: quizzes is

1. please GUESS without looking it up or asking around,
whether you kinda know,
totally know, or have NO idea.

(cutie-pie gathering pollen from a cleome flower in our yard)

The more outlandish the guess, the more entertaining it is for me,
and it's an opportunity to unleash your right brain,
that creative, outside-the-box, idea-riffing champion in your skull.

2. please submit guess via comment

3. super accurate "guesses" will not be posted right away,
so folks have a chance to wrestle with it unfettered by reality.

The Word of the Day: hakonechloa.

So, there ya go.
Your shot at internet glory is at hand.




  1. Humming bird. (sorry - joke - other than "yellowjacket" or "some kind of wasp" I've got nothing.

  2. Oooooooo! I do know that one. It's a grass. A very elegant, weeping Japanese style grass. I know this because I have lusted after one for the past 3 years. And no,---still haven't gotten over my "cheapness" and shelled out the $15 for one.

  3. Or, more likely, one of those "Captcha" words. Guaranteed to stop spambots in their tracks!

  4. Last line of a haiku poem when you're struggling for a rhyme?

  5. "meat bees" we called them in the Valley...out of nowhere they arrive and surround one's sandwich while sitting by the Merced under the Cottonwoods...

  6. that is easy - I read a Canadian garden blogger's post singing the praises of her chosen grass.

  7. Hey, bb, thinking of you this morning and hoping you're okay considering the Rim Fire going on in your neighborhood.

  8. Hey, Katie. Thanks for the well wishes. We're not near the fire, so were not gong to be evacuated this time, I'm betting. Husband is working the fire (some kinda planning stuff??) so he's BUSY and gone a lot, but at least he's not spending all day right next to fire (as far as i know). Apparently he WAS right near some giant flames tho', 'cause he's the passenger in the white truck (w/flashing lights) in this video (at 2:16). Yikes! Certainly a busy fire season... =) xo

  9. You have a tidier brain than I do. Mine would do something like, "Hey, do you know what this is? No? Well, better hang on to it just in case."

    1. You may have more storage space than I do. I think my brain just gets bored and starts pitching things. YOU, however, are a historian, so you COLLECT info for a profession, yes?


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