Friday, December 6, 2013

A friend...

… will teach you how to read.

I admit this photo was NOT taken today,
it was taken years ago,
but once I remembered it,
I could not think of a photo that would work better
for today's theme, A Friend.


Day 5 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge = DONE.

Tomorrow = Humans Meet Nature

That's certainly appropriate, as I was JUST going to warn you
that given the incoming snowstorm & accompanying low temps (8F),
I may not have internet access for a day or two. We'll see...


firewood stacking
tarpify any wood not stacked & sheltered
feed hen an extra just-before-sleep snack to fuel her through the cold
put fluff around tiny potted plants (in non-heated greenhouse)
help repair the well house (so MAYBE the pipes won't freeze again)
fill water bottles with water (in case the pipes DO freeze again)
put snow chains on the truck
keep the wood stove burning brightly


Saw the US map of current temps--WOW, lots of us are cold, eh?


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