Saturday, December 7, 2013

Humans Meet Nature: today's photo challenge theme

These photo are not from today, but I'm still okay w/that. =)

A few things: this theme is major, for me. I'm a conservation biologist, for Pete's sake.
And I've been in national parks on days visitors have died there.

I pretty much wrote what I felt about it
(incl. talking about when John Muir was blinded in one eye) 
in this post, after some waterfall fatalities in Yosemite,
so you can peruse that if you want.

Taking this photograph (Vernal Fall) was THRILLING.

My basic perspective is that the beauty in nature often comes with risk
and that's the way it is.
I'd rather have nature unimpaired with its risks
than guard rails and DO NOT ENTER signs everywhere.

My favorite word is freedom.

Taking this photo of Nevada Fall was also super exciting.
That fall was LOUD & at SUPER high water.

Nevada Fall from farther away--kind of a plunge, eh?

If you wanna "Meet Nature" ya might want to
educate yourself,
prepare yourself,
work on your fitness (endurance, balance, etc.),
learn about the conditions you may encounter,
pack food, water, sunscreen etc.,
wear appropriate clothing (this is huge)
and TRAIN.


If you're not experienced, work up to it, read books, ask people who work there, etc.

Training before you go gives you time to get your clothing/gear/food/water situation all sussed out.
That's incredibly important.

And if you've trained, you'll have WAY more fun and probably be a lot safer.
And it's another excuse to get outside with friends & hike & blab.
Which I'm always in favor of.

=) xoxobbb

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