Friday, December 20, 2013

from a distance...

Photo taken this October whilst flying from the Midwest back to California.
Dr. Penny Higgins (
"Alluvial fans in the desert. And maybe a volcano or two on the right hand side…"

Dr. Penny would know; she's a "vertebrate paleontologist/isotope geochemist/geologist."

More geo-shots from that flight, w/Penny's interpretations,
are in the "earth from the air" set at

Thus endeth the "From a distance" challenge for day 19
of the @just_go_do_it 30 day photo challenge.

11 to go; gonna be traveling during some of that,
so posts may become a wee bit spotty.



  1. Gorgeous! (And now I'm ultra-envious: how do I compete with distance--and an image--like that? Think I have to put that aside and just enjoy the alluvial fans [which, btw, would be a great band name].)

    1. Ah, good one! Alluvial Fans, Inc. =) & btw: compete with this? When you're posting your AMAZING shots (per usual) w/charming home-brewed haikus? Pbthbthbtht!

      Plus, "from a distance" does not SPECIFY what the distance is… could be an ass-kicking macro closeup... =)



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