Thursday, December 19, 2013


is only ONE of the MANY times our kitty is invisible.

The only reason you can see him
is that my Nikon INSISTED on using the flash.

Here in person, he's just an area where all light is absorbed.
If you see NOTHING, not even reflected light,
don't walk into it or sit on it,
as it's probably our cat.

A warm & fuzzy black hole.

He's also much quieter than our colored-for-daytime grey tabby.
I think it's part of the whole ninja gig.


Professional killer.

Sweet kitty.

'Long as I'm bigger than 'im.



(thus Day 18 of @just_go_do_it's 30 day photo challenge = DONE)


  1. Hmmm, my previous place of employ used to have a black cat. Walking to your car in the dark was to be avoided at all costs!
    He used to particularly enjoy attacking an unwary leg. So we had two kinds of employee: those that had been attacked by Wacket; and those that hadn't been attacked by Wacket... yet.

    1. =) Most important word in your story? "yet." That's a GREAT name for a kitty who loves to smack people.

      Ours is sweet, and is an indoors-only (hence he's still alive) kitty.

    2. I'm presuming the name is short for Pyewacket, a witch's familiar. Kinda goes with the black thing, too.
      Yes, I imagine that there are one or two other creatures in your neck of the woods that wouldn't fall under the spell of a black cat :o(

    3. Ooh, well THAT was some interesting Wiki reading. Who knew Pyewacket has such an interesting origin. Makes me glad to be living in the 21st v. 17th century, jeepers.

      Among the spell-proof creatures seen by me on our property are cats, dogs, bobcats, grey fox, coyote, bear, and mountain lion.


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