Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rockin' sunset saves my bacon: photo challenge day 2

"Where I Live"

Facing southwest by our house: the Sierra foothills.

That is the theme of Day 2 of the Just Go Do It 30 Day Photo Challenge
& I already have a confession: I took this photo yesterday, not today.

It rained ALL DAY, today.
Not a lot of tugging the Nikon w/me as I sklitch & slide around the property.

So: among the tree species you see above are
ponderosa pines (Pinus ponderosa, go figure, the pointy ones)
and foothill pine (Pinus sabiana, the rounded ones).

Same sunset, looking due south.

Foothill (or grey or umpteen other common names) pines grow,
as the name suggests, at low elevation (20-2200 m),
and can tolerate the (100+ F) heat and drought we have here. SUPER tough.

What they DON'T tolerate too well is snow.

Old photo, looking east @ garden, etc. Can you hear the trees screaming?

Which brings to mind a weird story.
I have a hypermobile tympanic membrane.
Just the one, mind you.
Meaning: my left ear can hear REALLY well, better than "normal,"
per some woman who tested me years ago.

Regardless of said HMTM, at NO TIME
have I heard ANY of the SEVERAL foothill pines
which have come CRASHING DOWN overnight due to snow load.

Speaking of snow...
 "Where I Live" is 1.5 hrs from Yosemite Valley.

Each time, Bear & I sleepily gaze out the windows in the morning,
thinking, "Hm... something looks different out there…"

Oh! A 75 foot tree has crashed down overnight
and taken a few of its pals (& our well house or back porch) down with it.

I have been woken up by chittering skunks, but not a GIANT TREE?!?


If a tree falls in the foothills
and no one's awake to hear it,
does it make a sound?

bb snowshoeing in Yosemite NP--meaning, SUPER, duper happy.

So, where do YOU live?
Feel free to share a link in the comments to some place you've posted
pictures of where you live.
I heart sharing. As long as it's not Thai iced tea, or really good pie...

K. Gotta get back to whirk (wow, typo was shirk…).


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