Friday, January 10, 2014

Rando photos w/a wee bit o' rumination...

Earlier this week, thanks to Olivia  (@squidfan) at Beasts in a Populous City,
I've agreed to take a photo every day for 365 days,
as sponsored/inspired by 500px.

 Round robin (day 2)

AND I signed up at 500 px (as biobabbler),
where Olivia already has some lovelies up.

Catfish Upon Carp (TX)

Also learned this week to see if there's ROOM
in the fridge before picking TONS o kale...

Hence kale living as bouquet, this week...

Kale glamour

Kale karbunkle?

First day of photo phun was yesterday, wherein I TOTALLY SPACED
until, "Aw, pretty sunset!"

Then remembered.
DASHED for camera and raced outside to shoot rapidly fading sunset.

But, no go: battery dead.


RAN back inside, scrambled for backup battery, replaced,
JAMMED back outside, & shot a few before the sun was done.


Day 1:
an inglorious beginning.
However, for me, that's part of the point.

Just take the plunge, elegantly or otherwise.


Just shoot it!
(You know, with a camera…)

Please let me know if YOU have started some new campaign this year,
or are planning on it.

When pondering Yea or Nay,
I landed on: life is for the living.

The alternative is SO dull.



p.s. haven't decided when or where or which photos I'll share,
but will probably not share them all. Just ones I think are interesting,
or provide a view into my-life-at-that-moment (photo-diary style).
Already flung several on twitter (@biobabbler). xo

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  1. Round robin! Photo AND pun phun. LOL doesn't do my reaction justice!


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