Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Photo roundup (yee-haw!): last of 30 day photo challenge

 Tweeted these pups a while back, but here I'll make 'em BIGGER.

Skipping around a bit...

Day 27: Portrait
The ever-charming brown pelican.
Apparently the blue eyes mean romance is around the corner…
Galveston, TX

Day 26: Candid photo
Ring-billed gull being a jerk, just 'cause it can.
Galveston, TX

Day 25: Time
(I'll keep it small in case it freaks you out--I get that.
You can click on it to see it larger
This fox's time is up,
but its tail is still beautiful…
Seems appropriately framed: the fallen.
Golf course north of Houston, TX

Day 28: Calm
Taken during flight home, TX to CA.

Clouds: I forgot what they looked like.
Somewhere up high

Day 29: Family
Niece holding shelly discoveries from Galveston, TX beach.

Day 30: Christmas
Beautifully decorated "Christmas" tree.
Golf course north of Houston, TX

Sweet gum, which, tho' I know them from San Diego,
are actually NATIVE to Texas.
This one was GIANT. And gorgeous.

<Checks end of 30 day photo challenge off her to do list,
with thanks to @just_do_do_it>

So, 2014…

Not big on entire year summaries, pardon.

I MAY go to a conference later this month.
A wildlife biology conference.
And possibly help recruit biologists for our company.

If so, should I dress like a corporate head hunter?
Put on high heels & wear lots of perfume & makeup?

Or, wear 100% field gear,
including oversized safety suits for inclement weather,
and carry a snake stick & wear gaiters?

Really, though, I think we should print out LARGE shots of
some of the BEAUTIFUL places we've done work,
and the SUPER cool wildlife "we've" seen.

That's the way to a wildlife biologist's heart…
at least, mine.




  1. The snake stick regardless of outfit.

    Those photos are marvelous. And so many shells!

  2. If you were in high heels and perfume, I would ignore you as a recruiter. The snake stick would definitely get my attention. Since you just came from Texas I say think "clear eyes, full heart, can't lose" when you are getting dressed for this important assignment.

  3. Congrats on doing your 30 day photo challenge! And I'd go with the field outfit, definitely.

  4. Just wanted to say that I really like your pelican shot! Nice composition with an uncluttered background that allows us focus fully on the charming fellow :)


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