Wednesday, December 25, 2013

There's magic in the air...

…and possibly in these pouches packed with promise. 

Ills they are alleged to address:
anemia, gastritis, gall bladder problems, ovary issues,
menopause, lung ailments, gout, lagging circulation,
liver troubles, unhappy colons,
and, of course, cancer.

I certainly hope it is true.
Given all the things plant compounds can do for and to us,
there's certainly plenty of potential.

It's so surprising when you learn of non-human animals
using plants to aid themselves (other than eating them),
like rats who line their nests with rosemary.
Rats with rosemary-festooned nests have fewer fleas
than rats that eschew the pungent herb.

That is how I learned to decorate the coop w/rosemary.
Which means I learned it from rats.

I hope the rats out there know, somehow,
that their botanical knowhow is responsible for my happy hens.

Might not be magic, but it's pretty amazing to me.



  1. Out here the native woodrats collect bay laurel leaves to put in their houses to suppress ectoparasites. And sometimes eucalyptus if a tree happens to be near. :)

  2. I have just had a lovely tour through your trail of photos and your light humorous touch with words...Thank you! and a fine and happy new year to you.


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