Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TINY seedlings, 1st bloom of 2014, joyful plants & LOTSA birds

TINY seedlings
Checked my carrots today, and was surprised to see a number of seedling volunteers.

How many newbies can you see?

Apparently, when it RAINS, things grow.
Who knew.

While exceedingly grateful for what we received,
I'm already hoping for more, more, MOAR!

Gonna get to near 70 dF this week—happy winter?

Another harbinger of spring, this red stemmed filaree (Erodium cicutarium)
is the first thing I've noticed blooming this year at our house.
We'll guess and say I first noticed them 2/10/2014.

This one already dropped its petals (see them in background).

I didn't even KNOW they had blue anthers.
I only saw how cool its structure is
thanks to my lovely macro from the Darling Husband Man.

And, in the greenhouse,
here are HAPPY, baby lettuce plants.


Don't they just look joyful? =)

I think I can hear tiny little choruses of "hooray!" coming from the greenhouse.

Like me, they know the odds of having made it into this thing called life are slim,
and they are PSYCHED they did.

And in celebration of the fabulosity of life,
a few more shots from
the Merced National Wildlife Refuge (January).

White-tailed kite. We brake for wildlife photographs.
You can see why this used to be called black-shouldered kite, yes?

Great horned owl, barely tolerating us.
See 'im?

White-faced ibis & American coot hanging out.
(you may wanna zoom in on that pup…)

Seems red is a popular eye color, there. I wonder why?

Geese, just a few: probably snow and Ross's geese.
Foreground is northern shovelers.

American coot, lookin' artsy. =)

How's THAT for an electric-red eye?
Good luck winning THAT stare-fight.

So, yes, I'm blogging 'cause I have a deadline and should NOT be blogging.

And 'cause I have SO many photos I don't share, and probably should.
Perhaps an intention for 2014 will be to post MORE of my photos, here.

Sharing life; sounds like a plan.

And, along those lines, 
congratulations to YOU on getting to play Life.

We are the lucky ones.


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