Monday, February 10, 2014

Masterful clouds, acorn woodpecker fun & a fawny face

Post winter storm sky, this morning.

Forecast calling for stopped rain, and a return to the weirdly warm temps of highs in the 60s.

And from a wee bit ago, before the rains added more watering hole options for the birds,
we'd been rich in avian visitors...

Two males. The females have black between the cream and red on the head,
so the sexes are very easy to distinguish.

Therefore, lady on the left, gentleman on the right.

Whoop! Waterbowl is slippery (and in need of a refill).

And a cutie (male mule deer fawn) stopped by to lap up breakfast,
namely some of the bird seed we'd flung here and there.

Hope you all are well.
I am feeling VERY grateful for the rain we finally got.



  1. we'll be grateful when our autumn rains arrives, altho our summer has been kinder than usual and the garden is mostly green and happy.

    1. ooh, lovely. =) A happy garden is a delight to behold.

      On twitter, my alma mater (in Michigan) shared a photo of a "rain garden." I replied, on behalf of the state of California, "What is this 'rain' you speak of?" =)


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