Tuesday, January 21, 2014

White-faced ibis ROCKS my world...

White-faced ibis adult, non-breeding plumage.

Not too shabby for least-fancy plumage of the year, eh?

These birds are a mysterious kaleidoscope of colors that frequently look just black.

Except in strong light.

Enjoyed cruising around Merced National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)
and San Luis NWR yesterday.

While California is mid-mega-drought,
at least there is SOME water SOMEwhere for these creatures,
and the plants & animals they rely upon,
so I am VERY grateful for the USFWS Wildlife Refuge System
for providing for these ecosystems, and allowing people to visit.

Cost us ZERO $.


I hope y'all had a great Martin Luther King Day.



  1. I love the colors that show up on White-faced Ibis from the light!

  2. It is a relief to see there is some water still left in this state. Every time I walk out to the creeks here, I cringe, as all I see are dry river rocks. I love the muted olive-green of this bird. I've never spent much time out around Merced, but this year I actually have a couple of reasons to be out that way, so I may have to stop by the NWR while I'm there!

  3. Wow that plumage looks like a heavy dose of green slime. Awesome.


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