Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Storm cloud + ogling Tenaya Lake

 Had a nice little storm, yesterday.

Which proved that it CAN rain in California.
Got about .14 inches.
We'll take it.

Was enjoying the #IAmANaturalist thing on twitter, yesterday,
which inspired me to riff off of it:

#YouKnowYoureANaturalistWhen you have to unplug everything due to thunderstorm
then grab your camera & go outside. =)

Yeah. Amid a bit of lightning and a few drops of rain.
MAN, that smelled amazing.

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite NP.

Went to Mammoth Lakes this weekend, and upon our drive home,
took a wee little walk at this perfect lake.

And was delighted to see a tiny beach restoration test area (my interpretation).

And, in case you've never been there, here's shots, scanning right to left, of Tenaya Lake.
Lots of people climb that big thing, so many people also park just to watch them. 

The rest is just more trees.


Can you see why it's popular?

If you go to the south side of the lake,
you'll see some really cool rock formations,
and some AMAZING reflections, if it's not windy.

Next time I'm stopping there, too.

Hoping I'll process, and later post, a few photos from Mammoth Lakes.


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