Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You're so judge-y: county fair photos are RATED.

At the end of this post, I also share a few of my favorite photos other folks took.

The Me Wall

SPOILER ALERT: I got zero 1st place ribbons. Bupkis.

However, I did get a few other-place ribbons, much to my delight. =)

In the novice/intermediate enlargement category for insects and lizards:

MOSTLY I'm just psyched I did this.

It was 100% new for me
& I was nervous
& had no clue what I was doing
& I did it anyhow.

WOOT! =)

In the novice/intermediate enlargement category for plant life/natural environment:

I have no idea how many entries they got,
and I'm dying to know.

They say if it's crowded, they reserve the right to
just display placing photos.

Novice/intermediate snapshots, insects and lizards
 (plus other categories to l & rt.):

The 3 Best In Shows I saw were:
photo of an old man's face
photo of a child's face
photo of corn.

None of the above are photos I'm likely to take or enter.
I'm native species and non-human animal biased. =)

I do love a Good Underdog.
Which, incidentally, was my FAVORITE cartoon when I was TINY.
Probably not a coincidence.


The Them Wall

This might be my very favorite of other folks' photos:

Isn't it LOVELY? I think it's YUMMY.

This one is also great. WAY better in person.

So simple, and so good.

This one's also nice and abstract, w/lovely shapes & colors.

The professional group stands out, even from a distance. =)

So much great color and simple, strong composition.


There you go.
I got six ribbons in all,
and got to see a lot of other photos I really enjoyed.

Same Time, Next Year

Next year I'm making LARGER prints,
and I've got ONE category that
I'm for SURE breaking into, so...



Wishing you all good health, good times, and good photos.


  1. Replies
    1. So, does that mean YOU might do the same?!? =)

  2. Whenever I read the word 'moi', the voice I hear is always that of Miss Piggy.
    Man, programmes we watch as kids just seem to stay with us, eh?

    I knew it was always gonna take a special pic to beat that bark shot. Too bad one turned up :o(
    It is a belter though.

    1. =) Hee, yes, Miss Piggy can certainly get into one's psyche.

      I still like my bark photo. Plus, it's a native species, so the conservation biologist in me prefers it, PLUS as a kid I was obsessed w/that texture and rolling that bark off. Sooo great.

    2. is that orangey thumbnail bark? Forgive my foreign ignorance but I don't know the tree. Do you have that photo (large) somewhere on a blog post?

    3. Hey, Diana: Here's the URL for a bigger version--http://biobabbler.blogspot.com/2014/08/show-off.html. I The plant is a shrub called manzanita, and I think it's sticky-leaf manzanita, Arctostaphylos viscida. It can get nearly tree-like, and the bark is SMOOTH when it's not rolling, and the wood is SUPER, super dense, heavy, and BURNS LIKE MAD. =)

    4. oh yes, manzanita is what I covet in Country Mouse's garden!

  3. I think you did fantastic. And that's just the beginning!! Congrats!

  4. I have thought about doing this but don't know where to begin.

    1. I'd say, just find out when your local county fair is (if you're in the U.S.) and look up their info re: photo exhibit. Then just pick a few out, etc.

      Our county has a photography club that held a workshop where they'd sell the mounting boards required, and show you how to mount your photos, etc., ALL of which I needed to learn, so that was great.

      If you need to bolster your courage, I'd visit the junior photo division, 'cause then when you realize 8-year-olds are doing it, you can probably do it, too. =) That's how I got myself to go on a big ol' scary roller coaster ride--looked at the 8-year-olds in line and thought, well, if THEY can do it... =)

  5. " It was 100% new for me
    & I was nervous
    & had no clue what I was doing
    & I did it anyhow."

    Now THOSE are some words to live by! Seriously! I see inspirational posters, hipster tattoos, and pint glasses all with that motto. Congrats!

    1. Aw... thanks! It's totally the part I was most proud of. And I need to do such things more.

      Even if you get NO recognition trying whatever, and, for example, even if someone scribbled "LAME" on my photos, while I'd be temporarily hurt & probably disappointed in the behavior of that person, I'd still be totally proud of moi. Which, now that I think of it, is its own reward, and doesn't depend upon anyone else! =) xo


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