Thursday, October 16, 2014

How photography is like meditation

 Photography makes me SLOW DOWN...
focus on one thing,

and then I see things I wouldn't have otherwise (same dahlia),
like a VERY tiny spider,

building a very tiny orb web,
 floating in a sea of dahlia hues.

Found this new ootheca (mantid egg case, on the support for the cardinal climber)
which I hope is from this summer's green mantid rockstar. 

Here she is giving mouth-to-mouth to a honeybee.
Which is what I tell myself so I can gaze at it.
Also, in the photo you can't see the bee's leg twitch.
I had to walk away.

However, notice she's also doing the splits. Woah.
A blue-lipped goddess whom, like Pele (the volcano goddess),
you don't mess with.

Old ootheca on old manzanita branch in garden.
 Those things are AMAZINGLY hard. Like fossil-hard.

 So hopeful: dahlia bud soaking up the sun.

Teensy white crab spider on morning glory, behind scarlet runner bean.

pink-ola dahlia

Honeybee & her adorable shadow on pink zinnia.

Tiny harvest, plus Moby chick.

Another small yet beautiful harvest.

And back to mediation,
was taking photo of this,

Noticed tiny white dust speck on the lower right,

which is this amazingly tiny animal.

And makes me love biology and photography
all over again.




  1. And all that makes ME glad that others in the world share their loves!
    Beautiful photos....................and the gardener that I am has to say BEAUTIFUL dahlia!
    Have a wonderful weekend exploring (and sharing!)

  2. I call them bonus bugs. The ones I don't see in the field because my eyes are not what they once were. Only the computer screen brings them to me

    1. That is a GREAT name for them. I like it. =) And it happens more than I'd expect, and every time I feel proud of the bug. =)

  3. Ah! Jealous, very jealous of your tasty harvest! Yum! Adorable spiders and crazzy on the mouth-to-mouth (yikes, I hear ya but still - sweet photo!)

    1. =) Yes, the humble harvest was tasty. Imma freak for green beans--woah. Some pretty good views of the mantid/bee "rescue" but wow, tough to watch. Glad for the preggy mantid mama, though. =) And thus we have the fresh ootheca. Some percentage of which is bee molecules/atoms. Going through life next time as predators. xoxo


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