Thursday, October 29, 2015

Towering palm trees, I'm awfully frond of you*

I was born in San Diego, and there developed a real weakness for
very tall, slender, old palm trees.

Last week DH & I drove by a part of San Jose that had a lot of them.
I vowed to walk there if possible.

Next morning I googled "palm tree-lined streets San Jose, CA" and BAM!
Palm Haven pops up, established 1913, incorporated in 1917.**

Which I'm thinkin' means these lovelies are one hundred years old.

And they were just a few blocks away from us.
Thank you, magical internet.

Witches can be wounded via impact with palm trees--look out, ladies!

Some of these trees may be nearly 100 feet tall.**
The tallest ones would be the Mexican fan palm (Washingtonia robusta); the species I adore.

And these elegant trees may be just about at their age limit.

L.A. (which also has very old palms) is replacing dying palms
with trees that provide more shade and can remove more pollution.

Palm Haven's tall, thin lovelies. *happy sigh*

We may be living in the golden years of tall, old palms in California.

It might be wise to appreciate them now. =)

In all their spindly glory.


P.S. For more info, there's a brief history of palm trees in Southern California online which includes a photo from 1918 Beverly Hills, a long boulevard with stubby little planted palms. SO CUTE!

*With apologies to & their charming "Rubber Ducky" song. It's the 1st record I remember getting fm. my parents & I'm pretty sure it made me so happy I cried. Also, apologies for the pun, but it was just SITTING there, STARING at me.
**Wiki page on Palm Haven, and PalmHaven dot info.

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