Flowering plants

Sisyrinchium bellum, blue-eyed grass, a perrenial.
Blooming May 13, 2012, at our house.

I adore this plant, and tho' the scientific name took me
FOREVER to memorize (still forget the "y"), I finally did.
=) And now it's the first thing that comes to mind
when I see it in the field. Success!


Meconella linearis, figured it out here, using The Jepson Manual of Higher Plants of California, 1993, ed. James C. Hickman, University of California Berkeley Press. If you are not familiar with this book and are interested in plants in California, I HIGHLY recommend you invest in one.


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  1. From Katie (Nature ID):
    how did you decide this was Meconella linearis and not Platystemon californicus? Even after looking at Jepson, I'm flummoxed.


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