Sunday, May 8, 2011

proof my chicken cannot read

Allegedly, this variety of chicken, a light Brahma, cannot fly over 3 feet.

Here is Edie, perched on a fence that at least started at 4 feet, but now is still probably over 3.

I see her here, I sigh, and walk outside and plunk her back into the chicken run. You know, in the interest of NOT having her be a tasty treat for any of the 9,000 things we have living here that would love to eat her.

Silly chicken. Perhaps I need to work on a chicken literacy program...



  1. A Brahma, huh? I've heard they are illiterate and rebellious, to boot. You may be interested in a post about my relative who painted chickens, including Brahmas, back in the when.
    Besides my garden blog, I like looking up our family history. This relative's vocation was a source of amusement to the family until I met more chicken owners and found that they are pretty serious about and devoted to their chickens. Here it is. Franklane L. Sewell, artist to the chicken stars!:

  2. @ Sue: Loved that post and those are AMAZING paintings!


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