the obligatory "about me" page...


Although biobabbler describes me well (bio nerd & talky extrovert),
my real name is Samantha Weber. Imma:

  • card carrying conservation biologist,
  • unbridled enthusiast of the natural world,
  • California native,
  • word nerd,
  • fan of numbers, science, etc.

Love writing and editing, and photographing "The Nature," as well as being in it.

I also love learning about gardening and landscaping (esp. sustainable versions)
though I generally suck at it. So far. Will continue to try and learn and improve. =)

Former NPS-er, live near Yosemite, and married to Fabulous Man (a.k.a. DH or "Bear").

Yeah--that's pretty much it. xoxo!

P.S. Feel free to contact me via twitter (@biobabbler) or email (my last name dot my first name at g mail dot com).


  1. We just met up on Twitter. Remember red fox versus coyote?? Decided to check out your blog. Your photography is awesome. I love the incorporation of the good NPS stuff - particularly the milkweed video. I have a love/hate relationship with NPS but your stuff offers a bit of redemption. Congratulations !!! Bill Graham

    1. Aw... Thanks, Bill! Sorry it took me 5 months to see this, but what a delightful note. =) Thanks re: photography--I always see so much room for improvement, but it's such a source of happiness for me.

      Glad you liked the NPS stuff--that milkweed video is just one of many "Nature Notes" that the NPS has made. SUCH an impressive series, every time I watch one, I am delighted and surprised all over again.

      There's lots of folks in the NPS who are great, and the mission is an inspiring thing. Doesn't mean everything works super well all the time, but most folks are trying hard, and good things do happen. =) I'm VERY glad I was able to put a ray of sunshine into the NPS corner of your heart. =) Looking forward to future conversations. =) sw


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