Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Yosemite rocks

 Hey, there, fine people:

1) Hope you are well and hanging in there as best as one might hope. xoxoxo

2) Blogger is NOT letting me reply to your LOVELY comments, so please forgive my apparent lack of response to your reaching out. I've TRIED (many times). It doesn't even know who I am? Even tho' I've signed in 40,000 times. Annnnnyhow .... <virtual hugs to you!>

3) [redacted]👇

Experiencing computer, camera, software & sundry device-compatibility issues that are making a return to blogging an uphill battle, shall we say. XD  erf!

Wild rose (Rosa californica) hips shining @ a National Wildlife Refuge south of Sacramento in Feb

Good news:

  • Successfully backed up all photos & docs on this old computer (this is MAJOR and was plaguing me for months)
  • DH ordered me a new computer (woo-hooo!)
  • I am right now backing up my iphone pics onto Google pictures (or whatever it's called, JUST installed that app moments ago), so hopefully that means they'll be easy to pop up onto this blog, soon (as well as backed up)
  • Will be mailing my camera to the recently re-opened Nikon repair facility in L.A.
  • All the computer frustration I've experienced today may mean I'll ACTUALLY do yoga today to get through this. XD So, that's healthy, right?

Therefore: Pics on THIS post will likely NOT be relevant to what I write 'cause I'm still in the trenches. I HAVE figured out how to get SOME pics up, though. =D So, nice, irrelevant decor, commence!

 Our ever-charming kitty, Ginger, making this shot of dried rose petals
in a jar sooooo much better. As is her wont. =)

DH & I have two trips planned, one in July (westward), one in August (eastward). We MAY not do them, as rates of infection continue to climb in CA. We currently live in a low risk area (v low population), so driving through higher risk areas to stay in higher risk areas (like near the beach!) for 5 days is giving us pause. 😷

Beautiful sand dollar & perfect holes on the beach at Morro Bay, last winter.

We DID get back toYosemite, recently, now that it's reopened (via a new reservation system). DH's been working from home since this all started, and tho' he's a park employee, we were not supposed to go there to recreate, so we did NOT--but now it's open. The return was heavenly. Hiked the Panorama Trail from Glacier Point to Illilouette Fall, one of my favorite hikes of ALL time.

We are SO fortunate to live nearby, but living nearby (less than 10 miles as a crow flies, over an hour by car) and NOT GOING for months and months of hunkering down suuuuucked. However, what we DID do, after a while, was hike in the nearby Sierra National Forest!

Baby American alligators we got to see at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
back when flying to Florida was an option. SO, so thrilling! =D

DH & I USED to hike in the Sierra NF pretty regularly, but that faded out as illegal marijuana growing increased, rendering it dangerous (way more than the alligators). THEN marijuana was legalized, so that risk was reduced (@ least in theory?). THEN we got hit by the Ferguson Fire, and that blazed (& closed for a year) a good bit of the forest which is near (including allowing us to see it torch trees FROM OUR BACK YARD), so if anyone THOUGHT of going back into the forest to grow weed, they'd find all the dense cover they need GONE. Woot!

Consequently, we have lately been exploring and really enjoying this beautiful forest all over again. And the fire opened up the forest, so there's LOTS more views and more sunshine for the now very happy & abundant wildflowers!

Seriously, it's been GREAT. We have our forest back! It'd been over 5 years since we went at all regularly, so I'm soooooo grateful for this.

But, there's no place like Yosemite.

North Dome (left) and Basket Dome (right), resting beneath Mt. Hoffman (snow-covered).

Ya gotta love that rock.

xoxoxoxo bb

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