Monday, May 3, 2010

garden post

This is a garden post because if I don't get what, let's face it, has turned into a glorified chicken run converted back into a garden, I will not be able to face myself as a nature blogger, much less an advocate of eating locally and living sustainably.

Plus, I'm just nicer if I garden. Ask around....

Well, here's my (very) homemade chicken porch divider. Just need hook and eye dealies so I can attach it to the front wall of the coop (so it doesn't fall and mash a chicken). I'll get those in town tomorrow.

THEN I have to tackle the inside of the coop. Potentially more complex... But, we'll see.

So, quiz for you is:

Can you spot the re-used materials? (you're looking at wood and chicken wire)



P.S. Can you tell I took physics and BASIC programming instead of shop? =)

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