Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seriously, it is TIME.

I have a chicken situation that's stalling my garden-start.

I've got to address this.

I spent over $40 on seeds, for heaven's sake. They've been sitting on my bureau for weeks.

bumblebee on sunflower in Utah

And I JUST signed up for the Great Sunflower Project. Tough to be a citizen scientist monitoring bees visiting my Lemon sunflowers if I DON'T PLANT THEM.

honey bee on one of my sunflowers 2 summers ago
(pardon biobabbler banner on bee bum)

AND, I specifically bought the "three sisters" to share that experience/experiment with you. Always wanted to try it, and this blog was just the kick in the pants I needed to actually take the 1st step.

I have a big deadline in a few days, so can't address this until the day after, but I am posting this now to tell you I am committing to GETTING THIS DONE so the gardening adventure can begin.

I will keep you posted. =)


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