Friday, October 8, 2010

speaking of plots...

Garden progress

The new plot is DONE! Finished this one yesterday: beefed it up with logs I picked from piles and stacks on our property.

And planted!

The one on the left (closest) is merveille des quatre saisons lettuce

The one on the right is little river blend = free sample of random lettuce types

Honestly, the company doesn't know what's in there--I wrote and asked. I think it's just extras they mix together and give away; the seeds were all different shades, from pale sand to black--exciting! Who knows what will pop up here...
And, HONK HONK! The beets have appeared, at last!

Their stems, be they EVER so TINY, are ALREADY red. Just like babies; born with most of their personality already there.

And the ever-perky pak choi cotyledons (may want to click on this--they're TINY)

Signs of my labors (and a good day)

I used to be able to take a picture via the mirror in our living room so the image would be right-side up, but I BROKE it (yeah, I know, 7 years...) so now I have to just look down and click, so pardon the headrush. =)

Have a great weekend!



  1. I've already admitted I'm not a gardener, but... isn't it kinda late to be planting and doesn't it get really cold where you are?

  2. Oh, yeah, you're totally right, it's pretty late, possibly too late, but this is the Tardy Garden! It's how we roll! =) (see Skippy's Vegetable Garden, and others for the "Do" example.)

    I figure, better late than never, it's exercise, and I'll learn, and maybe we'll luck out and get plants. =)

    Our lowest low is usually about 12 dF, and in January. Cold, but often December is snow-free.


  3. Even though I did get the headrush, it looks like you had a MOST productive day! And forget all that 7 years rubbish!


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