Friday, October 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo... invitation and heads up

1. National Novel Writing Month is next month (November). See this post for details.. Right when I signed up I was nervous. Then it abated. Now, it's back.

If you write 50,000 words in 30 days, you win. What you win is a draft novel. =)

And bragging rights ("Well, dahling, before I wrote my novel, I'd never even been to Africa, if you can believe it...").

2. Geek's approach to huge writing task

Quantify, quantify, and cite references:

# wds needed: 50,000
ave # wds/day: 1666.7
ave # wds/page (published novel): 250.0
ave pages/day: 6.7

And research: I'm headed to novel's main location this month, and asked friend who lives there for books I should read. You're allowed to do research, character sketches, etc. before November, but not write the actual text.

3. So, anyone interested in joining me?

This took is appropriate for SO many reasons: title, frightened person looking at giant ogre of a task, etc. =)

I've got one sister-in-law and one niece (my niece successfully completed this LAST year--woah!) who are signed up, and one cousin who isn't, but is already into her novel. Guess we're wordy people.

NaNoWriMo realize people have lives and jobs, so they anticipate a peak in coffee sales that month. Any interest? None? Been there, done that? DO tell.

4. The heads up: I am anticipating a blogging stoppage.

[the masses clasp their heads in their hands and shriek, "Noooooooooooo!"]

Don't know if it will be full stop, but it's possible this blog may have to take a vaca [vay'-kay] all of November.

I'm tempted to chronicle the process if I have any typing ability left during that month. We'll see. I really have NO idea what it'll be like. Never tried anything like this. I have NO feel for the workload.

ANYhow, lemmeno if you are interested, if you've ever thought about writing a novel/book, if you've heard of this, etc., or if you've ALREADY published a novel/book, and what it was like. =)


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