Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AMAZING time-lapse compilation video of Rim Fire at Yosemite...

by the brilliant Jonathan Byers,

including shots from the Crane Flat helibase and a view of Yosemite Valley.


'Cause this is STILL practically ALL I can think about.

I must have a pea brain.

That is filled with ecological obsession.



  1. How can something so awful and destructive be so beautiful? But it is. Great video!

    1. Yeah, I LOVED it. And I like the credit given to the folks at Yosemite who have those cameras collecting data (believe it's primarily for their air quality program)--they rock.

      That fire is sort of like a super hot (no pun intended) man who is REALLY bad news. Hard to look away, but if you approach, you'd better wear your NOMEX, be sure your insurance is up to date and your friends know where you are.

  2. I don't think it's a sign of a "pea brain" at all! Who could *not* be obsessed with something so tremendous, amazing, terrifying, and portentous?

    1. =) It IS pretty amazing. And husband is there, working it (as it were). AND having so recently been evacuated and w/in 1 mile of losing our home, it's hard not to BE in the fire mental space.

      Fantastic list of adjectives, btw. xoxo

  3. Whilst there must always have been sporadic wildfires through the ages, and therefore ecosystems will have evolved to cope with the fact, the scale of this fella is utterly incomprehensible. Over here, we receive intermittent reports via the BBC News website. The footage is engrossing, the flames are engulfing... [pauses reflectively, mid sentence] Y'know, I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned the awesomeness of legumes recently.

    1. oh... ma GAH.

      Screenplay of me reading your note:
      Reader stares with rapt attention, enjoying each word, then gets to the last section, expression turns blank, head tilts quizzically to side.
      Reader then looks at her blog, re-reads it ('cause she's self-absorbed, that way), gets to the "pea brain" part, and says..
      "WAIT a MINUTE!"

      pause, pause, pause


      A pea is a legume. Not necessarily a QUICK legume, but a legume, nevertheless. Smooth or wrinkled, it is mine. =) urok

      Yeah, freaky fire. A measure in my world re: how big it is was when BBC first reported it. BBC? Yikes.

    2. The Beeb first mentioned it on Fri 23rd August, but stated that it was already a week old and had tripled in size the day before i.e. Thursday.

      Am thinking that Bear is nearing your high bar bravery mark, set when you tackled a mountain lion virtually bare-handed.

    3. =) Bear is not even afraid of bears, a pretty freakin' high bar in my mind.

      He did say that everybody at fire camp is pretty grumpy, today. I think people start running out of energy reserves and just start getting MORE and MORE TIRED. Many have been on it for 11 days or so.

      One of only 2 times I was on a fire assignment, in the 1st week this guy who'd been a smoke jumper WAY back when would ask me what I'd been up to that day. I was on night shift, so before work I'd walk around Helena and just check out that cool town. So I'd tell him. During the 2nd week, he'd ask, and I'd just say "I just got up." I felt bad disappointing him, but I got more tired every day, so became super DULL. Even "just" office work 12 hours/day for 14 days is REALLY TIRING. Can't IMAGINE what the people cutting line and dragging heavy hoses up giant hills must be experiencing. Wow.

    4. Big respect to those guys and gals, without doubt. I may have to re-calibrate my leguminosity scale to take this into account

    5. Hee. Far be it for me to try to influence any scale that benefits me, I mean, peas, in any way.


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