Saturday, September 7, 2013

I can't resist bugs (+ herps + quiz answer & winners + bb gets a name)

It is not my GOAL to constantly take and share photos of bugs.

crab spider on zinnia

Esp. bugs on flowers.

crab spider crop

tiny flight toward cleome

But, it just keeps happening...

tidy flyer

a  honey of a tummy

another TINY crab spider, on cleome bud

itty-bitty crab spider Eric Eaton (@bugeric) ID'd for me

bee dip

 Of course, there are other things in the garden that I like...

and wandering around the property,

morning, noon, and night...

but, I keep coming back to the bugs.

Guess we'll all just have to suffer.

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Quiz Winners!!!

Sue and Diana Studer NAILED it.
You two have my never ending respect. =)


The word was: haconechloa.

Pronounced hawk-in-uh-cloh-uh,
rhymes with walk in the snow, duh.

It's a deciduous perennial grass used in gardening/landscaping, native to Japan.

Photo by and (c)2006 Derek Ramsey. Location credit to the Chanticleer Garden.
Obtained via Wikipedia.

I'd heard it listening to the Good Enough Gardening podcast.
I listen to them over & over;
they keep me company as I putter in the garden
or do chores in the house.

Apparently, that word got in, and required explanation.

So, enough about the GENIUSES who got it right:
now, for the GENIUSES who guessed wildly.

I'd HEARTILY encourage you to read the
MYRIAD, super entertaining guesses you creative people came up with.

*happy sigh*

Love when y'all go there. =) You rock.

Thanks EVERYONE for participating
and just generally being your cool selves.


p.s. Navel Gazing: I now call myself Samantha Biobabbler on twitter, 'cause why not have SOME real name, right? I'm not really anonymous for any particular reason, so, there ya go.


  1. Love that "tidy flyer" photo--awesome!
    As usual, you've gotten some wonderful photos. But, um, no snakes, please---every nerve in my body just shriveled up and died!-LOL
    Yes, I know they are an important part of our world, but who can explain MAJOR heebee jeebies!

  2. Who can resist bugs? I refuse to believe that such people exist!

    Awesome pics. Love the snake.

  3. Lovely photos! I especially like the light lancing through the delicate skin of the jackrabbit's ears--and the frog, because frogs are cute and they always evade me here.

    Keep those insect macros coming!

  4. I like bugs too unless they bite me! Wonderful images!


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