Monday, November 17, 2014

Falling through November...

 Found yet another ootheca, this time under the greenhouse eaves.
 Wonder how old this one is... years?

Was tracking a red-shouldered hawk,
when this raven decided to shoo it away.

Many insects seem to be loving ANYTHING that's blooming in November.
Which includes our zinnia, which is going bananas.
Moby (hen) struts by, headed for the cherry tomatoes...

Among the flower-fans:
This painted lady eyed me whilst it drilled for nectar.

I want to call those little frills eyelashes, but don't actually know that, so...
 I'll just call them super cool.

Fawn post-rain, chewing cud, enjoying the sun.

Fawn and mama, who's got her eye on me. =)

Big ol' gang moved through, taming the greenery for us.

And trimmed up the circular driveway. Thanks!

The deer are looking SO much better than this summer, now that there's actually FOOD. =)

Their faces are fuller, muscles are back, 
and this one even has a shine to her coat--hooray!

That's fall in this climate: the long-awaited return of water,

and all the life that it brings.



  1. Hey, if you don'tind my asking, what power zoommy zoom zoom is your macro lens?

    1. The zoom-o-rama factor info: Tamron 90mm F/2.8., it also says MACRO 1:1 (can you tell I'm a super-duper expert?). =) LOVE that thing. Makes you bionic. DH bought it, finding the Nikon macros were $$$$ so even the Tamron version was more expensive than the telephoto lens he ALSO bought for me. Or, was it Santa? ANYhow, I ADORE macro & recommend it highly. It's magic.

  2. I sure like your fancy and adorable cleanup crew! Those painted lady macros are stunning... Makes me want to get a macro lens and see what I've been missing.

    1. Aw, I do too (love our crew). Their rates are great, too. =) As long as you're REAL mellow about scheduling...

      Oh, man, I HIGHLY recommend the MAGIC that is macro. I use it way more than my telephoto lens. And, if you live by a city, you can probably RENT a macro to try it out w/out spending $$$ and see if you want one, and if so, which! Learned that magic trick from a real photo-person (that's the term, right?).

      Join the cult! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! =)

  3. Mine's 80mm and I don't even know if that's zoomier, or less zoomy. I am quite obstinate about not Actually Learning about my camera - I trust its auto settings, for instance - you haven't had fun til you've counted a spider's eyeballs.

  4. I TOTALLY hear you about not Actually Learning. When I took a 1 hr. photo class (part of the extra things one can do at a camping-in music festival), the instructor had people say their names & why they're taking the class. I said my name, and "I'm taking this class 'cause I'm afraid of my camera." =) Getting better about it, slowly but surely...

    Spider faces up close are fascinating. They're frequently SO SMALL!!!

  5. Nice macros (and colors! I miss colors, ahh!) and your deer buddies are adorable and fuzzy :)


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