Friday, December 12, 2014

Photo challenge parade of productivity

Sometimes it's good to get shoved out of your routine,
forced to interpret a theme you did not select.

This is why I like the 30 day photo challenge posed by @just_go_do_it (on Twitter).
If you've done this one, or there are others you like,
please let us know in the comments.

Day 8, "mother nature"

Day 8 of the challenge was "mother nature."
Looking ahead on the list, I thought, oh, easy. That's my thing!

But, on day 8, it rained and rained, and was dark and rained.
And I'm really trying to meet the challenge of the day ON that day.
No posting old photos. Do I shoot that dull, gray sky?

Then, hark! The sun came out super briefly
so I ran out w/my Nikon & shot away.

And found that manzanita, bizarrely beautiful.
And they're so seldom wet, it's a treat to see them this way.
This would not have happened w/out the photo challenge.

Day 6, "tell a story"

The story (above) is one of impatience.

The tomato plants had not yet frozen,
but I wanted to plant stuff & needed the room.
Perils of gardening in California: plants will not die.

Tired of waiting, I finally yanked a cherry tomato plant out.
Hence, the pile of teeny, tiny tomatoes, framed by tomcat.

Day 15, "4:00 pm"

Between storms, the sky was doing some lovely things
with a chromatically limited palette.
Technically it was 3:46, but that's close enough.

 Day 13, "distance"

I had to go the "distance" to find this wee mauve mushroom (& friend).

I've been monitoring a far corner of our property for months
in a (so far) vain attempt to find a purple puffball.
Frankly, it's past season for that thing.

However, yet another foiled foray did yield the above mauve beauty
under a pile of manzanita branches. Delightful.

Day 9, "fear"

Initially stumped re: what to shoot that spoke about fear,
I looked around and remembered:
I live with professional killers.

Our 2 kitties love killing things.
Which is why we keep them indoors.
And I don't actually fear them,
but the ONE time a mouse entered our home,
it did not end well for that mouse.

So, if you're smaller than a cat,
and enter our home uninvited, fear the kitty!

Day 2, "black & white"
Cottonwood tree in Yosemite Valley. =)

Day 1, "self portrait"
My habitat and I.

Day 4, "friends"
I was taking mushroom photos and my hen-friend kept me company. =)

Day 16, "silhouette"
(Hm, once again, blogger made my image more red than it is... pardon. )

The stormy skies changed evergreens into black silhouettes.

I took SO many shots of the sky, yesterday, waiting for a downpour.
We didn't get any real rain until it was dark.
A day of AMAZING clouds.

comma clouds

Clouds were not yesterday's assignment,
but stormy skies are so rare, here,
I don't need a prod to get out & shoot.

But, sometimes I do.
This annual challenge makes me look at things differently,
and get off my creativity/photography-buns.

I highly recommend it.


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  1. I love your first photo of the wet tree! Stunning shot! It reminds me of the colorful wet tree I saw yesterday and did not have my camera... doing some self kicking over that one. lol
    Our California clouds are awesome right now. Love your last shot it looks like a quilted blanket. Cute kitty shadow over your tomatoes.


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