Friday, June 17, 2016

The county fair & photo exhibit + 3 bonus photos just 4 u. =)

 So, 1st: apologies for NOT POSTING in MAY. Wow.
(Throws biodegradable glitter to distract you.)

Fair Foto Fun

I entered some of my photos in a nearby county fair at the end of May.

Very exciting & less totally nerve-wracking than last time.
Perhaps experience breeds calm? Or, at least lack-of-total-freakout. =D

The fair itself was last weekend, and that's when I learned how I did.

Which is pretty well! =)
Got 1st & 2nd in 8/9 photos.

I'll take it! =D

I ALSO got to ogle other's lovely & inspiring work.
Which is MOST enjoyable.

One professional/advanced photographer's work I LOVED was Christopher Viney.
His 1st place photo in landscape:

And his 1st place agriculture photo:
How surprising & abstract is that for "agriculture?" Too cool.

So, I got curious & googled his name.
Apparently, when he's not being a rockin' great photographer,
he is teaching physics at UC Merced.

Clearly, not much goin' on, there. =D

Here's another shot I LOVED (flower)
but unfortunately didn't get the photographer's name in the shot.

Crazy good.
DH's party shirt (white horseshoes on red background)
& me & my Trader Joe's bad made some weird reflections, therein.

Also ogled sundry gorgeous cows.

 Mama & junior looking coy (typo was "cow"). =)

DH in his happy place: Part I
 Petting the cute little goats.

DH in his happy place: Part II
 Look out, honey, your Midwestern heritage is showing!

They have a pretty nice range of old tractors there so we took in the tractor parade.

Fun was had by all.


Bonus Pics

And just for fun, the elegant sphinx moth (Sphinx perelegans) I found on our garden gate
(species ID confirmed by my moth-y expert friend, Dr. Dan Rubinoff)
"Don't see my eyes!"

This is a LARGE moth. From ~3.5" to 4.25."
Made my DAY.
And it blended in PERFECTLY with the faded grey wood. =)

Dr. Dan said they raise their young on manzanita (among other things),
so this pup could have grown up right here. =)

Last, this flower went into a windstorm with wet hair,
and now looks AMAZING! =D

And when open, this bee was VERY happy to be there.

Note the white pollen coating its legs. =)

Thassit! I hope your summer (or winter) is starting out well.
It's been AMAZINGLY mild & wonderful this last week, 
but is on schedule to fling itself into the 100s soon, 
so I'll have to start taking Stop Whining pills then.

For now, I will simply bask in the glory that is our world right NOW.




  1. Party shirt! I love it. Congrats on all the winnings, those look like some great photos.

  2. Congratulations on your winning photos! I always enjoy a fair and your photos really show it off.

    1. Thanks very much, that's very kind. =) We are fair fans. =)


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