Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Photo phling: 2 ambushed, 2 Bs & 1 hoverfly.

Hey, there. Am presently in panicked photo printing mode (co. fair deadline)
but owe you photos from July, so here's 5 lovelies for you.

 Lookit! I found an ambush bug on the mint plant again this year. Hurrah!! =D
They look SO tough, but are SO tiny. =)

Turns out, there's TWO on this plant.
 This second one was darker.

If ambush bugs found, then biobabbler is happy.

A very yellow bee on a native, BIG ol' aster. SO very fuzzy! =D

Honey bee putting her left foot in (hokey-pokey style),
showing off that off-white pollen. =D

Hoverfly on mustard at the work site. 

Little beauty. =D

So, hope you enjoyed this glimpse into July bugginess,
next post will be August charmers.

If you'd like to share your summer bug posts via links in the comments, feel free! =D



  1. Nice. Your big ol' aster is a rare plant, btw - Wyethia elata, Hall's Mule's Ears, which is a CNPS rank 4.3 regional endemic.

  2. PROVING that "Cool people write inside rectangles..." YOU rock. That's SO cool, I LOVE it. And we've got a few patches of those GIANT lovelies which are practically the only thing blooming at the time. THANK YOU. =D


Cool people write inside rectangles....