Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lazuli Bunting, Yosemite water craze & obligatory Monty Python reference

 Hey, there peeps!

"I'm not dead! Think I'll go for a walk!" 'nuf said? =D

Lazuli Lifer

Lazuli Bunting appeared on the feeder (Sunday) &
I freaked out SO HARD my hands were shaking.
I'd NEVER seen one EVER & had to look up among the SHOWY birds 
I've never seen to even figure out what it was. WOW!!! =D

Then it took off & I jumped up and down
& DH & I high-fived. 

The Iris Time

A furled purple iris. I love how moody they look.

Polka dots! =D
Those tiny specks make me CRAZY happy.

Just sitting there, looking (& smelling) glorious...

The carpenter bee has returned to its annual haunt of the iris bed outside our window:
Love this giant, territorial creature: it flies laps & dispels other bees
and I'm grateful it's been cutting me slack, so far, as I walk past... =D

I will always adore these flowers & am so glad they like our Mediterranean climate. =D

Yosemite Flow

Have been going to the park (Yosemite) more than usual this spring,
partly for work (poor, poor me) and partly 'cause there was SO much rain this winter.

The waterfalls are CRANKING like MAD and the Merced River
is WAY up so marvelous reflections abound. Fabulous! =D
Yosemite Falls

North Dome & wetlands & a TINY piece
of Clouds Rest & Half Dome. =D
This was just inches south of Southside Drive,
just west of the chapel. Water!!! =D

Speaking of, I tweeted & Instagram-ed videos of Yosemite Falls
that I took with my iPad  &
it got picked up by SFgate & GrindTV ,
the latter in an article called,
"7 incredible videos of the historic Sierra snowpack melt at Yosemite Falls."
Turns out TWO of those 7 are MINE?!? Crazy.
And I only know 'cause the Tweeple alerted me to it.

Hooray, you guys!! =D

Anyhow, that was bizarre & fun. It's totally DH's fault:
he alerted me re: when the river would peak (high flow)
so recommended I drive up, so I did & it was HEAVENLY.


Got a few new hummingbird feeders, including this orange one
which just ADDS to the Anna's hummingbird's amazing pink shimmer. Phew!
Color not enhanced AT all. =D

This is DH photographing a small bear we startled on the Valley Loop Trail in Yosemite:
As you can tell, I'm respecting the bear's privacy,
NOT totally being a bear-scaredy-cat. =D
The bear had been ear-tagged but was doing good wild bear stuff,
shredding a downed log for delicious grubs.

With all this winter rain, the grass at our place is OUT OF CONTROL!!
There's ENTIRE DEER there...

And here's the view from my back porch, looking across the grass sea... *sigh*
Some of the grass is nearly as tall as I am (6'). I THINK there's a few
planted plants in the garden amid the crashing waves of weeds... 😁

So, I will be in the valley MOAR this summer since due to my 1st gig this spring,
and the kind woman who hired me, I get ANOTHER gig in early summer! =D

Which means numerous required visits to the park to plan where we'll
meet & stop & walk & what I'll blab about.

Which ALSO means I get lots of steps hiking for research.
In Yosemite Valley.

Which means I get happy.




  1. I would like to paint the inside of my eyelids with that purple color. Also, are you easy to find on Instagram? It's good to see you again!

    1. Right? I'm right there with you on that color, drool, drool. =D Good to hear from you, chica! Good to be back.

  2. I just love that photo of the deer in the grass. Perfect!

    1. Thanks! It's so funny to just see what you realize belatedly are ears & it's NOT the jackrabbit. Something a LOT larger.

  3. That job you have sounds awesome! Tell us more! The blue Bunting is amzing too, and the waterfalls in Yosemite sound fabulous!

    1. It WAS awesome & I'm glad I get to tour again. It was school kids, about Jr. High age, from England. I'm expecting the same this time but don't know. Easy 3 hour tour. The park is awash in beauty this year, for sure.

  4. Lush, lush, lush! The photographs, the vegetation and the colours!

    1. =) After 5 years of crazy California drought, it's MOST delightful, I can tell you. Unfamiliar, but in the best possible way. Happy to see deer w/plenty to eat. =) I'm expect you guys get lush all the time but for California, it's a real treat. =)

  5. I am very glad to discover this blog. I am a nature lover and I like your blog. Thanks for sharing the great shots of nature.

  6. Amazing nature photography. Really beautiful..

  7. I just loved the shadow image of the fountain. It is looking amazing.

  8. Awesome Photography. The photograph of beer in the grass is looking very beautiful.


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